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One of the two main aims and service activities of the OCES involves provision of a range of Chinese culture thematic pages on our website, and related exhibitions and talks in our local community. The individual thematic category pages of this section of our website are by no means comprehensive (and are being added too), but we have endeavoured to include all of the major Chinese culture subject areas. These are helpfully listed under the traditional three-fold Chinese division of the ‘Three Treasures’ – Heaven (Tian: ), Man (Ren: ), and Earth (Di: ) -- each of which contains a list of individual subject category pages that include a general introduction and related good quality website links.

The Three Treasures: According to traditional and very ancient Chinese cosmological beliefs, the totality of existence is contained within ‘three treasures,’ namely ‘Heaven, Man / People, and Earth.’ In arranging the Chinese culture subject-categories pages of our website, we have followed this principle for thematic rationalised convenience, and also to introduce the visitor to this core Chinese spiritual and methodological concept and approach.The ‘Three Treasures’ also relate to the important concept of ‘Spirit, Mind, and Body.' 

Note: Allocation of subject categories in the three-part division have been kindly arranged by society officers Ellen Tang and David Spicer.  For reference, necessarily, some of the subject categories overlap, and ultimately all inter-relate.  It was also at David and Ellen’s very good suggestion that this helpful ‘Three Treasures’ rationalisation of the subject category material was instituted for our website.  


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