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Zhongwen (Mandarin Chinese) study information

Update Note: This page will be updated soon with details of combined Mandarin language and Chinese culture classes and courses that will be provided directly by OCES Education Officer in the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset area.

The study of Mandarin Chinese is becoming increasingly popular with Western and non-Chinese people all over the world, not only because some knowledge of the language is useful for those travelling to the Far East for pleasure or business, but because study of Putonghua is a great asset in getting to know Chinese culture in a much more rewarding way.  Visit the following links for useful backgound information about the history of the evolution of Chinese language, and about Mandarin Chinese and their characteristics.

Bournemouth University Chinese - English Language and Culture Exchange project

The  Oriental Culture Educational Society and the Bournemouth University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) are proud and pleased to sponsor a collaborative Chinese-English Language and Culture Exchange programme at Bournemouth University. Below, images from first informal language exchange meeting (November 2010):


The scheme is designed to promote through the Bournemouth University student and staff community, broader knowledge of Chinese culture in the UK, and in particular to facilitate university students from China (and from all Far Eastern Chinese [Mandarin]-speaking countries such as Taiwan and Singapore) and UK and English-speaking university students to gain valuable language and culture exchange knowledge.  

The CSSA-UK is a non-political / non-religious Chinese culture promoting international organisation allied to and supported by the internationally renowned Confucius Institute, and the Oriental Culture Educational Society is a Dorset-based UK multicultural learning organisation dedicated to promoting multicultural values / integration in the UK and is opposed to all forms of discrimination.

To learn more about the Bournemouth University Chinese-English language exchange project please click here and for an enrolment form please visit the following link.   The Bournemouth University Language Centre and it's Head Mr Paul Barnes have kindly added two links to BU Language Centre student and staff portal for the Chinese-English language and culture exchange initiative which can be viewed by logging in to the Language Centre BU webpage or through the BU Englsh Lab section of the Language Centre webpages. 


Chinese characters learning Powerpoint Presentation provided by Gigi Lau. 

Gigi in support of our society's work in the field of Chinese language study has kindly provided the OCES with a very effective Chinese language learning tool that can be viewed here. The presentation was produced by Gigi in her work as a teacher of British students wishing to learn Mandarin, and in particular Chinese characters, and covers the Characters for 'Man / People,' 'Big,' and 'Sky': the step-by-step tuition is clear and easy to follow, and also offers a valuable insight into the creation and evolution of some core Chinese characters [Han zi]. 

Gigi first learned of our multicultural learning work through visiting the OCES October 2010 Chinese culture exhibition at Bournemouth Library.


Some useful general on-line Chinese Language study links

History of Chinese Characters: For study of the history of Chinese Characters please visit this website and its high quality information provided by a professional and dedicated Sinologist:

Online dictionaries:;; 

Chinese Character (Hanzi) exchange tool

Mandarin lessons website:;  

Lingq language study website:

Ethnologue website:




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