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International students survey:

'International students face special additional burdens and challenges compared to UK students.  The Dorset-based Oriental Culture Educational Society (OCES: through research and community engagement, produces information pack resources respected and used by public service organisations such as the NHS, councils, and equality, diversity and anti-discrimination groups.  

The OCES in particular works with international students to give voice to and address their needs, and has received a Dorset LINks Legacy Grant (LINks is the NHS service-users representational organisation) to create an international students needs and related supportive guidelines information pack. By answering any, or as many questions as you feel relate to your experiences as an international students studying in the UK, your responses will contribute to this valuable project.' 

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NHS survey:
We are getting feedback on peoples view of the NHS and how and if an information pack would be helpful to ethnic communities, please could you all f
ill it out and share this with friends, families and colleagues who are also from ethnic communities.

Your response will improve the NHS and make a difference to both yours and other communities!!!!


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